Tryouts for the 2023 softball season will begin on Monday, February 6, 2023.  All student-athletes are required to obtain their athletic clearance to be eligible. Completed packets must be submitted to the Cal High Athletic Department no later than the deadline in January, as provided by the Athletic Director.  See Chad Ross (AD) or Erin Jadd if you will not meet the deadline!  Complete information can be found on the Cal High website, as well as in the Softball Participation link within the Parents tab on this site.

High school rules require a minimum of a 3-day tryout.  However, to help us make the best decisions and give all participants every opportunity to display their skills, our tryouts generally require more days before final Varsity and JV rosters are determined.  With games beginning February 23, the tryout schedule is below:

February 6-8, 2023:  Individual Skills Assessment
– Baserunning Evaluation (Monday)
– Pitchers & Catchers Evaluations (Monday)
– Infield & Outfield Evaluations (Tuesday)
– Hitting Evaluation (Wednesday)

After satisfactory completion of the individual skills evaluation, a “survivors list” will be posted online Wednesday night, inviting selected players to return to split squad sessions on Thursday and Friday and continue their tryout in smaller groups, focusing on team / game skills.

February 9-10, 2023:  Team / Game Skills Assessment — Split Squads
–  Participants will be separated into smaller groups utilizing both Varsity and JV fields
–  Split squad assignments will change each session, with participants working with different groups each day
–  Participants should check this site before each session to see which field they are assigned for that day

February 13, 2023: Orange & Black Scrimmage
– Tentatively planned for Monday, provided both the individual and team / game skills assessments are completed
– Family and friends invited to scrimmage (only)
– PRELIMINARY Varsity and JV rosters will be posted Monday night

February 14, 2023:  Uniform Pick-Up & Team Meetings
–  Uniforms will be distributed at the Softball Container, then dress for 4:30PM Snap-Raise Meeting & Video
–  Individual Varsity and JV team meetings
–  No practice this day

February 15-22, 2022:  Practice & Scrimmage
Team practices on respective fields, as well as allowed scrimmage(s)

Roster Size & Composition

In 2022, both Varsity and JV carried large rosters of 17 each (34 players total) as a concession to losing two years of play because of the pandemic.  In 2023, both rosters will return to their normal sizes of 13-14 for Varsity and 14-16 for JV (27-30 players total).  This means that all returning players will not be on a roster in 2023 and both levels will have cuts.  At the Varsity level, which is highly competitive, when possible the roster will be comprised as follows:  7 starting full-time defensive position players, 2 pitchers (ongoing competition for starting full-time), 2 catchers (ongoing competition for starting full-time ), 1 DP, 1-2 Util/CR.  The goal is to have no platoon positions, like there were in 2022.  At the JV level, which is more developmental, platoon play, position rotation, and periodic promotions to Varsity due to injury or absence are all expected,  justifying a slightly larger roster size.

Posting of Rosters
Once all prospective players have completed the tryout process, the coaches will then decide who will be offered a roster spot on one of the two teams — Varsity or JV.  Our goal is to post these PRELIMINARY Varsity and JV teams online in the evening following the Orange & Black Scrimmage.  Teams will be considered preliminary pending completion of the supplemental tryout for winter sport athletes, who may not participate in the tryout until either their winter sport has ended or their coach has granted them clearance to attend.  All winter sport athletes will be given a supplemental tryout of at least 3 days, per rule.  Since the general tryout may have ended by the time winter sport athletes arrive, and the preliminary teams will likely have been announced, the supplemental tryout for the winter sport athletes will fully or partly occur by them taking part in joining the team practices.  Once these winter sport athletes have completed a tryout of at least 3 days, the coaches will then decide whether or not any or all will be offered a roster spot on one of the two teams.  If any or all winter sport athletes are offered a roster spot, additional player adjustments may occur to either or both of the preliminary Varsity and JV team rosters, before officially finalizing the teams.

Important Notes
– Participants should bring all of their softball gear to every session, including appropriate shoes AND cleats for all surfaces.
– Any participant who has 3 unexcused absences will be considered as a voluntary withdrawal and will be unable to continue with the tryout.
– With the exception of the Orange & Black Scrimmage, all tryout sessions are closed.  Only players and coaches should be in attendance.
– Check this site everyday for late-afternoon updates regarding changes based on field and weather conditions.