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2022 Snap-Raise Fundraiser Ends

2022 Snap-Raise Fundraiser Ends

The 2022 Snap!Raise Fundraiser is now complete.  Our 5th-annual 28-day program generated $15,595, netting $12,156 for our softball program, after paying program administration fees.  This was our best year yet with Snap!Raise, exceeding our goal by over 20%!...

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2022 Snap-Raise Fundraising Program Begins!

2022 Snap-Raise Fundraising Program Begins!

In an effort to raise much-needed funding for our softball program, Cal High Softball will once again partner with Snap-Raise for the 2022 season.  This effort will require all players to participate in the process, in hopes of us raising at least $10,000 this...

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Varsity and JV Teams Announced

Varsity and JV Teams Announced

The 2022 tryout is now over and the coaches have reached agreement on the Varsity and JV teams, recognizing that difficult player decisions had to be made in an effort to assemble rosters that were balanced across all positions.  Both teams will carry a fairly large...

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All-Time Leaders

Congratulations to Jayda Crosby, Kaitlyn Le, and Alyssa Villarde for making the California High School All-Time Leaders list in multiple categories for their individual performances during the 2022 season!*

2022 Batting Average (AVG):

Jayda Crosby .450  (Rank #6 All-Time)

2022 On-Base Percentage (OBP):
Jayda Crosby .489  (Rank #11 All-Time)

2022 Slugging Percentage (SLG):
Jayda Crosby .688  (Rank #5 All-Time)
Alyssa Villarde .611  (Rank #11 All-Time)

2022 On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS):
Jayda Crosby 1.176  (Rank #7 All-Time)

2022 Homeruns (HR):
Alyssa Villarde 4  (Rank #2T All-Time)

2022 Earned Run Average (ERA):
Kaitlyn Le  1.57  (Rank #7 All-Time)

*Based on available statistics dating back to 2006.  Visit the All-Time Leaders page under the Varsity tab, to see all of the new rankings!

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