In an effort to raise much-needed funding for our softball program, Cal High Softball will once again partner with Snap-Raise for the 2022 season.  This effort will require all players to participate in the process, in hopes of us raising at least $10,000 this year.  Below summarizes the timing and the process we will follow, in conjunction with our Snap-Raise representative:

  • Thursday, February 17:  all players meet at the Varsity Softball Field in uniform at 4:30 p.m. to create a brief promotional video for the Snap-Raise Cal High fundraising website.  Players will also set up their accounts using their phones and will begin inputting their text and email lists to activate the campaign.
  • Friday, February 18:  All players expected to input a minimum of 20 emails by 9:00PM.  If the team hits 100%, Snap-Raise will provide a pizza lunch or root beer float party at school.
  • Friday, March 18:  The 28-day campaign ends.