The 2023 Snap!Raise Fundraiser is now complete.  Our 6th-annual 28-day program generated $12,155, netting $9,775 for our softball program after paying program administration fees.  This was our 2nd best performance with Snap!Raise, behind last year’s record-setting results of $15,595 ($12,476 net) and 100% player participation.  Although we fell just a bit short of our 2 program goals — having achieved almost 98% of our financial goal ($9,775 of $10,000) and 96% of our player participation goal (27 of 28 players received contributions) — we are so incredibly grateful for such amazing support and generosity towards our Cal High Softball Program. 🥎❤️

Kayla Steel had the highest amount of donations,  generating $1,060!  Right behind Kayla were Hailey King Jules White, and Ashley Carano, who generated $990, $960, and $900, respectively!  We are very humbled by the overwhelming generosity from our 191 donors!

As a reminder, our softball program budget is based on us receiving a family contribution of $325 per player, plus a net total of $10,000 from our Snap!Raise fundraiser.  After we fully fund our program’s operating budget through this combination of primary revenue sources (plus a couple of small secondary sources), we can then consider making further improvements in our equipment, our field, and our facilities.  For those who are still able to contribute, please take your check directly to the administration office and hand-deliver to AD Chad Ross, Finance Manager Trisa Kent, or Athletics/Finance Support Erin Jadd.  Alternatively, you can make your payment online via the web store link below. Thank you all for your support of our Cal High Softball program!

Contributions can still be made online at Player Participation Contribution.